Ren Xun was a Chinese painter during the Qing Dynasty.  His courtesy names included “ Shun Qin,” and “ Fu Chang.”  He was born in an art family; his father Ren Chun and his brother Ren Shon were both painters.  His father passed away early; at a young age he learned painting with his brother and made selling art his living while he lived in Ningbo.  In 1868, he relocated to Suzhou with Ren Yi, his nephew who also learned painting with him later.  Same as his brother, he learned painting figures with Chen Hung-Shou and adapted several special techniques.  Ren Xun’s attitude toward learning was strict; he spent lots of efforts in sketch and copy paintings.  Subjects such as figures, flowers and birds, landscape, portraits, lady portraits, calligraphy were all his specialties; under his brush, they were innovative and various.  Befriended with Ku Tseng, son of Ku Wen-Bing, Ren Xun participated in designing “The Yi Garden” for him.  At the age of 54, he became blind in 1888 and passed away in Suzhou.  He was referred as the “Three Rens” with Ren Shon and Ren Yi; and with Ren Yu, they were referred as the “Four Rens.”